Root Canal Therapy

What is root canal therapy?

Our teeth contain pulp, which is a mixture of nerves and blood vessels, at their center, also called the “roots.” Sometimes, bacteria find their way into the tooth’s roots, causing infection. Root canal treatment is the process of removing the infection from the center of the tooth. Without root canal therapy, the tooth would eventually need to be extracted.

Why do I need root canal treatment?

There are many reasons that the inner tooth can become infected, here are some of the most common:

  • Severe decay threatens the root system
  • Fractures in the teeth allow bacteria to enter the roots
  • Dead or damaged nerves
  • Abscessed teeth usually indicate infected roots

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

In the past, it was common for root canal treatment to take place over two visits. However, thanks to advancements in technology, that is no longer necessary – we are proud to offer our patients single-visit root canals for their comfort and convenience.

Does it hurt to have a root canal?

No – your tooth will be totally numb during the procedure and for some time after. Some patients experience mild discomfort as the anesthesia wears off, but usually all that is needed is over-the-counter pain medication to eliminate post-procedure pain. Most importantly, patients who were in pain prior to the procedure will be very happy to find the pain gone after.

Tooth Infection Symptoms

  • Painful swelling around the tooth
  • Painful chewing
  • Toothache
  • Discoloration
  • Sensitive teeth

Root Canal Treatment: The Procedure

First we will numb the tooth and surrounding area to ensure that you are pain-free. After the anesthesia has taken affect, a dental dam is placed over the tooth to isolate and protect it. We then create a small opening at the center of the tooth and remove the infected pulp. The canal is then sanitized and filled, and a temporary crown is placed on top. You will then return to us for your permanent crown. The procedure is very similar to having a filling placed.

Root canal treatment is the most important tool we have for saving your natural teeth for life! Please call us at Bellevue Dentists Phone Number 425-641-4111.

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