Hygienist – Quynh Deguzman

Quynh Deguzman

Quynh obtained her Restorative Dental Hygiene degree from Columbia Basin College in 2004. With an expanded function license, her scope of traditional dental hygiene practice extends to include administering local anesthetics, nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia and placing restorations. She was a recipient of the Golden Carver Award, recognized for outstanding restorations.

Aside from delivering thorough cleanings, Quynh holds importance in educating and coaching patients to achieve healthy oral habits, including how oral health correlates to the overall systemic health. She is known for her gentle touch and offers care that is unique to each patient’s personal needs and situation.

Outside of work—her family comes first.

Family life doesn’t stop with just her four active children as her very large extended family is part of her daily life. When not packing in too much in too little time, she enjoys sleeping in, seeking new places to eat and planning her next sunny and warm destination to visit!

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